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A private company is a separate legal entity. It is mandatory for private limited companies to file returns and abide by all compliance's put-forth for such companies. Every private limited company has to file financial statements and annual returns with MCA for every financial year. Even if your company is dormant for some months or years, still you have to abide by the compliance's, the same is the case with ROC filing. Annual compliance is mandatory for every registered private limited company. These compliance's are put forth to make the activities and financial activities of the company known to the MCA.
You will be imposed with heavy fines and penalties for not complying with the annual compliance of a private limited company. Moreover, the due dates for the annual filings are discussed based on the date of AGM. Every companies which are registered in India must maintain compliance under various regulations. If you fail to maintain compliance, then it may lead to penalty or disqualification of company directors.

Some of the mandatory compliance is as follows:-

1) DIN KYC : The DIN KYC procedure must be completed each year for the directors of the company.

2) Annual Return : Companies should file MCA annual returns each year in the forms AOC-4 and MGT-7.

3) Commencement of Business : The capital mentioned in the Memorandum of Association should be deposited in bank and business commencement certificate must be obtained from MCA.

4) Income Tax Filing : Companies should file an income tax return each year in Form ITR-6.

5) Statutory Auditor appointment : The board of directors should appoint a CA within 30 days of incorporation.

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    ROC forms need to be filed on a timely basis and before the due date or else you will be imposed with fines based on the number of days that you delay the filing.
    Annual compliance ensures transparency in the working of the companies and thereby increases the credibility of the company.
    A money lender will only lend money if they know that they will get their money back, hence the lenders check if the companies usually comply with their compliance at the very least.


A private limited company requires a range of compliance post incorporation. All companies are required to hold board meetings, general meetings, get the accounts audited, maintain statutory registration and file annual returns with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs each year.

FAQs Section

    You would be charged with 100Rs per day till the date you file if your company fails to follow statutory compliance for Private Limited Company.
    No. The appointment of a statutory auditor is not considered under annual compliance.
    You would have to file Form ADT-1 for an appointment or for the replacement of statutory auditor.
    Yes. Audited financial statements are considered under the annual filing of a private limited company and the company should also file audited statements.
    You can inform MCA regarding the transfer or transmission of your share through Form MGT-7.
    Annual filing consist of several data like balance sheet, P&L account, details of members, details of shareholders, certifications if any, and its shareholdings and details of Directors.
    The company's director is responsible for filing the company's annual return.
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